Rocco Forte Hotels

The Shooting Lodge, Ryde Farm

Rocco Forte Hotels: The Shooting Lodge, Ryde Farm


The Shooting Lodge is situated at Rocco Forte's Ryde Farm in Ripley. It is a stunning refurbishment of the old building including a large extension of one of the wings. 

This is a highly unique installation. Following a consultation on the project's special requirements, Parkland Heating and Plumbing designed a bespoke mechanical specification for the property. This project was filled with challenges because of the space constrains.

The client's main concern was to reserve as much usable space as possible so Parkland had to come up with ingenious solutions for the pipe work runs and plant room layout. Each bathroom was unique and posed different challenges because of the specific requirements of each sanitary ware item, such as the installation of a large custom marble bath.


Each of the lodge's wings has its own dedicated plant room and boosted domestic services to serve the six bathrooms, powered by LPG Gas tanks.

Parkland has overcome the project's many challenges much to the client's satisfaction. The project is to be completed in 2017. Check out our Instagram for some of our up to date project pictures.

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